Unnaturals are creatures that, to put it simply, shouldn’t exist. How, or why, they exist is unknown, and in many cases, remains undeterminable. While examples of their existence can be found throughout history, no process or foundation to their creation can be attributed to any human hand within the context of our current understanding.

Black Dogs

Not to be confused with simple canines with black fur, these animals do not leave tracks, never seem to be able to be looked at directly, and seem to follow individuals for weeks or months. Those that are able to look directly at a Black Dog seem to be being allowed to do so by the creature, thus becoming its next target. The individual seems to begin to experience vivid and horrible nightmares highlighting their own death in many terrible ways.

Eventually the Black Dog will actually attack the individual, though the conditions triggering the actual attack are entirely unknown. Black Dogs can be almost entirely otherworldly, often times with witnesses in the same room while the target is being attacked reporting seeing nothing but the victim’s reactions. Reports of Black Dogs within OSI operational areas should be taken seriously, and any individual marked by directly sighting the creature should never be left alone.


Colossi are, over-simply, animate statues. The process for their animation is entirely outside our knowledge, the power to do so existing in neither the Runic, or Blood, Magicks. Regardless, they do seem to be bound to specific locations or items, unable to leave their vicinity and pursuing their protection. They are, however, simply made of whatever material they are constructed with and any weapon capable of damaging said material can be utilized to destroy the Colossus.

There seems to be no unifying theme to Colossi, they vary in size, definition, material and are found in many different cultural ruins the world over. Being as they tend to guard many artefacts and relics sought by the OSI great care should be given when exploring ruins. While not every statue is a Colossi, every Colossi is (at some point) a statue.

Foo Fighter

Foo Fighters are seeming benign lights that seem to enjoy accompanying aircraft, particularly in isolated areas. Even when sighted near the coasts of England by RAF pilots, corresponding ground radar stations are unable to confirm any presence of aircraft other our own, lending to the theory of their incorporeal nature.

While seemingly harmless, if seen they should be immediately reported as the light they project could be spotted from the ground, particularly by enemy units. Their maneuverability, and seemingly small size, has so far precluded any attempt at capture or combat, and in so long as they remain benign standing orders are to only observe and report when sighted.


Gremlins are small, green humanoid creatures that seem to love human machinery. In particular they seem to be attracted to tanks and aircraft, often attempting to disassemble them, perhaps in an attempt at to understand their workings. While many, many reports of such creatures are occurring, almost constantly, across the front the fact that most reporting personnel are in the midst of, or recently returned from, combat makes it easy to dispel their existence as temporary delusion.

The only real danger from gremlins comes from when they begin disassembling machines mid-combat, or mid-flight. How exactly hey get into the workings of tanks and planes without being seen, especially in the midst of combat or midair, is unknown. regardless, caution should be given if a Gremlin is discovered as one such report of a Tanker attempting to defend his vehicle resulted in several deep lacerations for the man.

Rubble Kitten

Soldiers have begun to report the appearance of kittens in the remains of destroyed buildings in both Europe and North Africa. These same soldiers, when allowing said kitten to accompany them, begin making reports of extraordinary luck. While luck is an unquantifiable thing, the reports existing with such frequency and commonality has led to the OSI designating the existence of Rubble Kittens as real.

With both the cause and effect of the Rubble Kitten being untestable care should be given by OSI agents in the presence of recently demolished structures. While reports of increased luck by friendly, good-natured soldiers is reported, and more often, there are also reports of increased bad luck among those soldiers who are historically mean or bloodthirsty.


While there exists no unified theory for the creation of zombies they seem to always be present in our history, particularly in war zones, many times remaining for many years after the fact. Some commonalities do exist, such as: the complete absence of any higher intelligence and personality of the previous person, the seemingly death-like state of the zombie despite its animation, and the slow, shambling speed making them easy to evade if not cornered.

While most zombies fall into the “normal” category of simple shambling animate corpses there also exist alternate forms that seem to carry with them the means by which they died. In particular those that died from disease, drowning, or poisonous gases seem not to be content with simple murder but also attempt to kill you by the same means they died. While this leads some to believe the zombies possessed by some malcontent spirit, the lack of intelligence or personality refutes this.

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