There are two types of known magicks in the world. Those based in runes and those based in blood. While, as with any tool or weapon, neither power is inherently good or evil, the differences between the two tend to attract one type or person or the other.

Runic Magicks

Originally traced back to the Norse and Germanic peoples, more recent discoveries have lead scholars on the subject to believe that this style of magick may be far older. While it is evident that both the Vikings, Goths, and Gaulish people practiced some form or another of the Runic Magicks, pictographs recently uncovered in the middle East and Asia have led many to believe that perhaps stylized versions have existed for centuries before previously known examples.

Runic powers require, first and foremost, both discipline and belief in the practitioner. A Focus, or Foci, is required to be worn and through this item the Magicks take form. While many of the abilities producible by Runic Magicks appear to come from the heavens, many more appear to come from the self. While these have been categorized by scholars as either Holy or Humanist spellcasting, and individual practitioners seem to show only aptitude for one or the other, there is no evidence that such a division actually exists, nor that the Magicks come from either God or the caster themselves.

Disabling a Runic Magick user is as simple as removing, or destroying the individual’s Foci. It appears that regardless of where the power is, or appears to be, coming from; that it comes through the Foci. This is not a permanent disablement, however, as the individual can always replace said item with a duplicate or another item of similar psychological importance. In one extreme case it has been recorded of one practitioner utilizing a photo of his family as a Foci, though it was destroyed by the Magick in the process.

Blood Magicks

Blood Magicks appear to be even older, and wider spread, than its Runic counterpart. History is able to produce countless examples of rituals involving the sacrifice or bleeding of animals, children, slaves, or even oneself to achieve near miraculous powers or changes in the world. Regardless of its origin, it is known to be practiced by the inner circles of the SS and special units have even been developed to seeking out and train adepts in the Blood Magicks.

Blood Magicks require emotion, particularly those we consider negative: anger, hatred, and contempt as well as a source of living blood, to employ their power. While a great many SS Blutmagier will utilize their ceremonial daggers to bleed themselves, for greater potency magicks, or longer ceremonies, they seem to employ Thralls, many times bleeding them to the point of death. While many of the powers employed by the practitioners of Blood Magick appear to be demonic or hellborn in nature, no evidence has been found to confirm that.

Disabling a Blood Magick user requires removing their ability to in any way bleed themselves, or anyone connected to them. Since it requires the blood of a living thing, simply killing them can do the trick, with consideration that bullet wounds, even to the head, may allow them one last bit of power prior to their own death. Exercise caution, however, as many a SS Blutmagier have been able to kill their interrogators and guards simply by biting their own tongue, prior to them being restrained again.

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