Encumbrance Values

Each item will be given a value of 0, 1, or 2 being a rough estimate of weight, size, and awkwardness of the item and its affect on being carried. Gear will always have a single value, weapons will have two values (with the exception of heavy weapons with have other restrictions).


Gear will be rated as 0 (inconsequential), 1 (small), and 2 (large). Inconsequential gear is similar to assumed gear (inasmuch as it takes no space) but has an actual benefit to a roll. Small gear has no restrictions and can be carried up to a character’s maximum encumbrance value. Large gear can only have one carried by a character without the character also possessing a Satchel or Backpack regardless of remaining encumbrance.


Weapons will be rated as 0 (sidearms), 1 (longarms and grenades), and 2 (heavy weapons). The first sidearm carried will have zero encumbrance, and each additional will have one. The first longarm or grenade carried will have one encumbrance and each additional will have two. Only one heavy weapon can ever be carried, and since (due to it’s size and weight) it must be carried as an individual’s primary weapon it will increase the encumbrance of all carried longarms to two. Weapons can not be carried in a Satchel or Backpack.

Base Encumbrance

Encumbrance is now mostly separated from stats, specifically it now has nothing to do with Guts. Base Encumbrance is now a static value of 5. Regardless of how encumbrance is increased, Base Encumbrance may never be more than 8, and total Encumbrance carried may never exceed 10 without penalty.

Increasing Encumbrance

Encumbrance can be increased a number of ways: Benchmark of Physique & Fitness, Possessing either a Satchel or a Backpack, or by spending an Advance.

Achieving a Physique & Fitness ranking of (XXX), or 3, will result in a increase of Base Encumbrance by one.

Satchels and Backpacks

A Satchel does not actually increase Encumbrance, but does allow for a second large (encumbrance value 2) piece of gear to be carried. Gear carried in the Satchel must be denoted.

A Backpack increases the Encumbrance able to be carried (not Base Encumbrance) but automatically infers a penalty to any contested situation (in combat: it is heavy, in social: it is distracting, during stealth it is noisy, etc…). With a Backpack equipped a character may carry a value of 10 Encumbrance, and an additional two large (encumbrance value 2) pieces of gear. Gear carried in the Backpack must be denoted.

Special Items

Some items are marked as either a Satchel or Backpack, without actually being a satchel or a backpack. These items do not have the benefits of changing what you can carry, but do have the penalties associate and prevent the carrying of the original item. (ie a Backpack Radio does have a conditional -1 penalty, does not change Encumbrance, and does prevent the carrying of an actual Backpack).


Carrying an Encumbrance value higher than your Base Encumbrance (without a backpack) results in a universal penalty of -2. Carrying an Encumbrance value higher than 10 results in a universal penalty of -3 (regardless of a presence of a Backpack). Carrying more heavy Gear value items than allowed results in an additional universal penalty of -2 regardless of current Encumbrance value.



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