Cryptids are creatures known to exist in the world prior to German Wunderwaffe projects, though many are utilized by them. If such a creature has a Wunderwaffe counterpart it will be noted. They are known natural beings, albeit beings that have existed at the fringes of human knowledge.


Hellhounds appear to be created when a normal canine feasts on “too much” human flesh. Exactly what is too much, or if there is some other determining factor, we don’t know. Obviously not all dogs eating the dead become hellhounds, but they seem only to appear in any large quantity during wars.

What we understand as hellhounds are simply larger, more brutish, more aggressive dogs that seem to begin to specifically target people. Particularly wandering individuals or small groups. There are also several reports that would indicate some sort of increased intelligence, or problem solving capabilities, in Hellhounds as they seem to be able to overcome many obstacles quickly.

While there is a Wunderwaffe project attempting to specifically breed, and train, Hellhounds, it can be confirmed that there has been no successes (on either count) in this field.


Ghuls are a race of nocturnal carrion eaters primarily found in Northern Africa and the Middle East. While roughly human-like in appearance several key physical differences make it easy to determine they are not. Traditionally occupying burial sites with small populations, since the start of the war a significant increase in their activity, aggression and population; as well as several groups becoming nomadic, have been noted.

The primary worry with Ghuls is their speed and ferocity. They tend to team up on individuals and move on after their target has been incapacitated, returning to feed on the dead and dying later, after there is no longer a threat to their meal. Ghuls also display a remarkable regenerative ability, and bodies of Ghul, thought dead, if left unmolested often show signs of life after a day or more.


It has been confirmed that Lycanthropy is, in fact, a real condition, though it is predominantly found in Eastern Europe. This dual-speciesism defies all modern understanding of evolution and biology, but actual fact cannot be disrupted. While most infected seem to understand their condition and actively take steps to attempt to eliminate, or at least reduce, exposure to others, since the start of the war this is no longer a guarantee.

While the legends of men turning into to actual wolf-forms appears to be actual myth, what real world werewolves transform into is no better and is not limited by any condition of moon or day cycle. The half-man half-wolf form is terrible to look upon and the increased strength, speed, and ferocity they exhibit make them formidable combatants. Also, there is no apparent subversion of consciousness among many werewolves in their animalistic form and legends of this seem to indicate the individual’s inability to deal with their own actions, not a condition of the disease.

Unfortunately, not only has the Wunderwaffe captured specimens for study, but the program has begun bearing fruit. Many SS units, particularly those in assault or commando roles, have members among them intentionally infected with Lycanthropy.

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