1st: RAF bombers strike aircraft factories in Bremen in Germany.

2nd: Bardia, Libya is targeted by air and naval strikes.

5th: Operation Compass commences and the newly designated Western Desert Force captures the beleaguered Bardia.

7th: The Western Desert Force begins to approach Tobruk, capturing the airport nearby in the process.

10th: The US Congress begins considering the Lend-Lease Act, which will result in direct support by material to allied forces. Luftwaffe aircraft strike the HMS Illustrious en route to Malta signifying both that Germany controls the airspace above the Mediterranean, and that Malta will receive little support during it’s siege.

11th: A German bomb penetrates one of the shelters in the Underground, killing 57 and wounding 69.

16th: British forces begin a counter-offensive in East africa, attacking Italian-held Ethiopia. German bombers strike Malta and further damage the HMS Illustrious.

19th: The 4th and 5th Indian Divisions take up the counter-offensive in East Africa attacking Eritrea.

21st: Operation Compass sees continued success in north Africa as the Western Desert Force captures Tobruk.

23rd: The HMS Illustrious is struck during Luftwaffe air raids on Malta. The Illustrious withdrawals for repairs. Charles Lindbergh testifies before the US Congress that a neutrality pact with Germany should be negotiated.

24th: The East African campaign sees more progress as Italian Somaliland is attacked by British forces.

30th: Operation Compass continues with the capture of Derna.


5th: Beda Fomm captured by the Western Desert Force as Operation Compass pushes on towards Benghazi.

7th: With the capture of Benghazi a splinter of the Western Desert Force, called the Combe Force, blocks the retreating Italian Army and the remnants surrender to the Commonwealth Army. 130,000 Italian and Libyan soldiers are captured.

8th: The US Congress passes the Lend-Lease Act.

9th: The Western Desert Force reaches El Agheila and halts under orders from Prime Minister Churchill. Elements of the Western Desert Force are ordered to withdrawal and prepare for redeployment to Greece. British warships strike Genoa, and aircraft bomb Livorno, in Italy.

10th: Malta is now under daily attack by the Luftwaffe.

11th: The lead elements of the Afrika Korps begin arriving in Tripoli.

14th: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel arrives in Africa to take command of the Afrika Korps.

20th: British and German forces meet for the first time in North Africa at El Agheila.

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