1st: Germany begins the Invasion of Poland. The Scandinavian and Baltic States declare their neutrality The British government declares a general mobilization of its armed forces..

2nd: France and the United Kingdom issue a joint ultimatum to Germany requiring the withdrawal of its forces from Poland. Italy and Ireland declare neutrality. The National Service Act of 1939 nin passed in Parliament and all British male citizens between 18 and 41 are conscripted.

3rd: Failing to have its ultimatum met the United Kingdom officially declares war on Germany. Australia, India, and New Zealand quickly follow suit. The SS Athenia, a civilian cruise ship, is sunk by a German U-boat.

4th: The RAF launch a failed raid against the German fleet at Heligioland Bight. The US declares neutrality and initiates a joint naval and air patrol to observe the movements of naval assets in the Eastern Atlantic.

6th: South Africa declares war on Germany. The Germany Wehrmacht continues to enjoy success in Poland and drives the Polish forces into full retreat.

7th: France moves forces into Saarbrucken.

9th: The French offensive stalls when it encounters a heavily mined region near the Warndt Forest.

10th: Canada declares war on Germany.

12th: General Gamelin orders a halt to the French offensive.

15th: The Polish Army is ordered to hold at the Romanian border until allied relief can arrive.

16th: The German Wehrmacht completely encircle Warsaw. The French complete their withdrawal from Saarbrucken

17th: The Soviet Union invades Poland from the East. The HMS Courageous is sunk by a German U-boat off of the coast of Ireland.

20th: A German U-boat is sunk by a group of British destroyers.

26th: The Germans launch a massive bombardment and infantry assault into Warsaw.

27th: German artillery on the Siegfried line begin firing on villages located behind the French Maginot line.

28th: The German-Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty is signed. Remaining Polish resistance in Warsaw surrenders to the Germans.

30th: The German ship Admiral Graf Spee sinks the British freighter Clement off the coast of Brazil. French forces begin to solidify their positions on the Maginot line in anticipation of German invasion.


2nd: The Declaration of Panama is approved by various nations of North and South America creating the Pan-American Security Zone.

3rd: British military forces reinforce the Belgium border.

6th: The last of Polish resistance ends. Adolf Hitler announces a desire for peace with Germany and the United Kingdom.

10th: The last of the Polish military official surrenders to the Germans. British Prime Minister Chamberlain declines Hitler’s offer of peace.

11th: Over 150,000 British troops are now stationed in France.

12th: French Premier Daladier declines Hitler’s offer of peace.

14th: The HMS Royal Oak is sunk in a Scottish Harbour by a German U-boat.

16th: The Luftwaffe’s first attack against the United Kingdom occurs over Scotland.

20th: Pope Pious XII condemns racism and dictatorships and calls for an independent Poland.

27th: Belgium announces its neutrality.


4th: The US Neutrality Act is passed allowing for France the the United Kingdom to buy arms manufactured in the United States.

8th: RAF Bombers strike Munich.

14th: The Polish Government-in-Exile moves to London.

20th: The Germans begin mining the Thames estuary.


7th: Italy reaffirms its neutrality.

13th: A British Naval squadron attacks the Admiral Graf Spee off the coast of Uruguay.

17th: The Admiral Graf Spee, damaged and restricted by International law, is scuttled.

18th: The first Canadian troops arrive in Europe to reinforce the British Expeditionary Force. The Luftwaffe defeats the RAF over Heligoland Bight.

27th: The first Indian troops arrive in Europe to reinforce the British Expeditionary Force.

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