Weird War II: Fate of the European Theatre

The Sands of Time AAR

File No. 186521-13A


While a part of a combined reconnaissance and intelligence operation in (Vichy) French Morocco, No. 1337 Section established contact several aboriginal tribes in the area that may be willing to assist military action in the future in return for materiel support. Additionally they were able to recover a code book utilized by a suspected agent of Sonderkommando H, copies of which will be distributed to the various participating agencies and units for decryption. A camp deep within Vichy territory being utilized by members of the Afrika Korps, though for an unknown purpose, was also discovered prior to extraction of the team via aircraft.

Mysteries Solved

While No. 1337 Section was not able to determine the purpose of the German purpose in Morocco, their capture of the code book will undoubtedly assist in this effort. The Section was able to identify Simon Fohn, a Swiss national previously identified as a mid-level bank official, as an operative for Sonderkommando H; further interaction with this individual should be handled with care.

Mysteries Uncovered

A possible joint Afrika Korps/ Sonderkommando H operation is taking place in Morocco, working towards an unknown goal. Several Vichy French patrols out of Fez, and presumably other areas, have gone missing with no explanation as to why. A French Foreign Legion unit was decimated in proximity to Fez with no survivors and no bodies or equipment recovered.

Operational Successes

The Section’s contact with the local Berber tribe was instrumental in establishing inroads into communication with other aboriginal tribes allowing British Intelligence to determine, with confidence, that any upcoming invasion into Northwest Africa would be supported, and met with welcome, by the local inhabitants. Additional recovered intelligence is also of promising value and will likely be beneficial for the war effort at large.

Operational Setbacks

While OSI leadership would have prefered more in depth reconnaissance work in several areas, they cannot condemn the actions of Lieutenant Danderfinch or his calls while in the field. In the future, the OSI leadership recommends more thorough investigations into goings-on as they occur, even if causing complication, or delay, to the primary operation. The OSI is primarily an intelligence gathering organization, and all intelligence is considered valuable, even that of a non-spectacular nature.


In addition to their operational successes in Morocco, No. 1337 Section was also able to escape capture after their aircraft was damaged in flight over Libya. Additional the German destroyer KMS Bruno Heinemann was damaged in the escape, aided by members of the Special Air Service. The warship is being recalled out of the Mediterranean for major repairs after a short stop to correct for damage to steering.


The OSI believes that the Section conducted themselves with integrity and valour, both during their assigned operation and the escape for the German warship. In additional to the award of Wound Stripes for all members of the unit, a Purple Heart for the American, the following awards are to be issued by british Military High Command: Lieutenant Danderfinch, the Military Cross, Staff Sergeant Dupris and Corporal Edge, the Military Medal, Staff Sergeant Weise, the Bronze Star. Additionally, in recognition of his service and efficacy in the face of danger Gerard Dupris will be promoted to the rank of Colour Sergeant, with pay and benefits of such effective immediately.



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