Weird War II: Fate of the European Theatre

A Desert by any other Name

Orders for Transport and
Classified Operations in
Undisclosed Location

No. 1337 Section, Office of Strategic Intelligence


Intelligence has been recovered, and confirmed by alternate sources, of a German advanced technologies base outside of expected areas of operation. Your unit will proceed to the location and attempt recovery of as much intelligence as possible, as well as the sabotage of the facility in an attempt to hamper, or eliminate, German efforts in this area of study. Support will be provided via Royal Marine Commandos, once linked up with.


No. 1337 Section will board the Greek fishing vessel Asternaus to be transported from Egypt out of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic for a rendezvous with another vehicle for transport to the final destination.


Due to the nature of the operation, and suspected leaks within British Intelligence, full orders will not be provided until No. 1337 Section is en route to the final destination. Sealed orders have been provided to the commander of your secondary transport vehicle to be delivered to you upon verification of ability to convey your team to it’s final destination.

Codenames and Codewords

Odysseus – Secondary Transport Vehicle
Achilles – Royal Marine Commando Team
Perseus – On-Site Recce team
Olympus – German Advanced Technologies Base



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