Weird War II: Fate of the European Theatre

The Sands of Time

Orders for Transport and
Open-Ended Operations in
French Morocco

No. 1337 Section, Office of Strategic Intelligence


In preparation for an eventual invasion of Vichy French North Africa all branches of the Allied Intelligence services are pooling their resources, the OSI included. Despite your recent successes in the unnatural fields, your team’s relative newness to the organization, as well as its personnel composition, makes it ideal for this assignment. It is as such that No. 1337 Section will be transported to the Western North African theatre to assist in the multi-national, cooperative effort.


No. 1337 Section will be being delivered into hostile territory via captured Italian Royal Air Force cargo plane at low level at night to limit exposure. The actual insertion will be conducted via paradrop at night in the vicinity of Fes. Once the Section is able to establish a hide and facilitate movement to Fes they should attempt to make contact with a local agent in the Jurdh Qadhar public house.


Fes is a heavily occupied city by the Vichy French, and propaganda and crude jokes aside, a team of 4 stands no chance in direct combat. The surrounding area is also home to several Berber horse tribes which have little love for the Vichy, true, but also do not care for foreigners in general; caution should be used when in contact with them. Little to no support will be available while in the operational area, however contact may be established nightly via radio code with an orbiting aircraft.

Codenames and Codewords

Gossamer – Fes Local Agent
Legio Nine – US DoW Team in area
Aigle Sept – French Foreign Legion Unit
Bright Dancer – Radio Contact Plane
Long Fire – Flash Traffic
Slow Market – Extraction Request



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