Weird War II: Fate of the European Theatre

Interim: Dourshire Manor

TO: All New Recruits, OSI
FROM: Sir R. Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary/ Director OSI

First and foremost, welcome to a new and noble cause. No less noble than your previous efforts, to be sure, but you will be fighting battles with higher stakes against enemies with more sinister purposes in a war within the war the world knows about. You were selected for various purposes, chief among them your ability to work with one another, and so you will not be separated. Many of our recruits from among the armed forces come to us in this manner so no worries on any special treatment or whatnot.

While many of you will find the comforts of home, and perhaps some more so, at Dourshire, remember that you are not here to be comfortable. Be confident that your instructors are experts in their field, some of them having created the field itself. And after every field exercise, when your muscles are screaming and your mind is numb, remember that while a soft bed awaits you that night, many of your compatriots, in the OSI and without, do not have such luxuries.

Upon completion of your training here the only celebration will be your first assignment, well perhaps we’ll share a brandy first, but then on you go. Most of you will not return to Dourshire, while dying is a very real threat in our line of work, it is mostly due to the fact that you will be constantly employed. People of your level of knowledge and understanding are few and far between and until some miraculous day that we have all the recruits we need, you will likely be working several operations at once.

Remember your true duty, and on the day we defeat this horrible and sinister enemy, you may find a moment’s peace and rest. More likely we will simply have a new enemy rear it’s head, but by then maybe you’ll be ready to train the next generation instead of having to go fight the next fight. Well there’s hope anyway.

Cheers, Sir Eden


Since this is basically the conclusion to Act I of the story I’ll be using it as an opportunity to modify a few things. Think of it like a patch. Nothing major, but Encumbrance will be slightly tweaked, I will be redoing the equipment cards (for a couple reason, but mostly to highlight the free taggables since, to my memory, no one has used one yet), I will be redoing the character sheets (partly do to the rule changes, but also since I have access to my actual computer now and will be making them form fillable and “nicer” and will be printing new ones after each advance), and adding the Reputation and Research systems. I’m also making a ruling on the defense rolls, particularly in regards to Fitness being used versus Shooting, but also defense against Mental and Magick attacks.

We’ll spend the first of next session making sure everyone is up to date and understands anything new. I’m also extending the offer of a free Stunt trade to all characters, not just Bill and Mina… you know, to keep it fair. Also, partly to reflect the training at Dourshire, and partly due to the defense ruling, everyone will be granted a free skill advance (not restricted, excepting Magick). No one has been utilizing the between session skill swaps either, not that I’ve been bringing them up, so we’ll also discuss any potential there if anyone sees need or want.

Then we’ll move on to the next actual mission (briefing incoming).

I’ve also reorganized parts of the Wiki, in particular the The War So Far section to make it easy to see changes. Additionally I created two topics in the forum, one for wanting more stuff, one for wanting more information: feel free to use them, just be sure at least I get tagged in the response or I may not see it.



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