Not All Wars Are Fought The Same

The Second World War is just getting started. The British are fighting in Europe, Asia, and Africa trying to hold back the tide of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Other allied nations are attempting to resist, but most have already fallen or are dealing with invasions themselves. The Americans are hesitant to commit to anything more than food and supplies.

Even if the war was constrained to the familiarity of bombs and bullets it is not looking good. Add to it the fact that the Germany has designs to consolidate and expand its gains through unconventional means and it seems the Allied powers in Europe are doomed to failure.

The Ahnenerbe may not just be a research organization after all… the Wunderwaffe may be more successful than originally thought… and perhaps the the SS has motives beyond ensuring Adolph Hitler’s continued leadership of the Reiche…

Weird War II: Fate of the European Theatre

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