Recognition and Reaction

Recognition and Reaction

On the Organizations page of the Wiki you will see two numbers divided by a slash after each organization’s name. This is collectively known as Recognition and Reaction and is a general metric to record your influence on the world at large of Weird War II.


Recognition is a simple value to indicate how easily members of any given organization may know who you are. The higher the number the more likely you are. This value will shift from 0 to 4 on a square progression system (1 point shifts to 1, 4 shifts to 2, 9 to 3, 16 to 4). Whether or not an objective provides a point along this scale depends on the organization’s purview.

The more likely your name is to be mentioned in a report by the organization, the more likely you are to gain recognition with them.

Recognition will provide a bonus towards members of the organization knowing who you are.


Reaction is a positive or negative value indicating the general reaction by members of an organization should they discover who you are. This value advances similarly to recognition, but can shift in both directions, although this is more likely among neutral organizations than opposing one. Whether or not a conflict provides a point in either direction along this scale depends on the demeanor of the interaction with the organization during the conflict.

The more friendly you are to an organization to more likely you are to gain (towards positive) reaction, the more hostile you are the more likely you are to lose (towards negative) reaction.

Reaction will provide either a bonus or penalty on rolls between yourselves and members of the organization (or the organization itself in some cases) depending on the situation (i.e a positive reaction may give you a bonus towards gaining information from an organization, but a negative reaction may give your opponent a bonus to hitting you in combat).

Progression Between Values

Progression between values will be recorded during the Mission AAR next to the action resulting in the change. They will be represented as either a +1 or -1, with all actions resulting in an advancement of recognition, but differing in whether an organization likes it or not. The totals will then be tallied and recorded on the organizations page of the wiki as a score to next point in the scale.

Recognition and Reaction

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