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I want to know more about the FATE system?

Google FATE SRD and you can see the whole, current edition system… free. Just be aware that FATE is specifically created to be adaptable and malleable and many things can be changed for thematic and mechanical reasons. In fact I’ve switched out a few things from a FATE system from the previous edition (dealing with small unit combat), renamed a few things to make it seem more ‘WWIIsy’, and made some modifications and categorizations to assist with assisting players cross over from more traditional RPG systems.

Where’s the ‘Weird’ in this Weird War?

Don’t worry it’s coming.

What type of ‘Weird’ are we talking here?

From Hellhounds to Robots, Werewolves to Directed-Energy Weapons, Possessed Vehicles to Super Soldiers, Ghouls to Helicopters, and Blood Mages to Atomic Bombs you may very well witness many things that Nazi Germany actually researched or pursued (and some things the Allies looked into as well). Oh, and Zombies.


Yeah, I know… cliche, but corpse reanimation was actually a subject of research during WWII (by both sides) and there will be more than just the typical shambling hordes present.

Why don’t I see stats for any of this cool stuff?

Well you don’t see stats for a lot of things yet. Part of this is because I haven’t gotten around to converting it just yet, and part of it is you’re not likely to encounter it yet. Be prepared to see a lot more when, and if, you are inducted into a particular secret organization dedicated to combating such things.

Why is there Encumbrance? I thought FATE was abstract?

It’s true FATE is more abstract, however due to previous experiences GMing FATE and the WWII theme (a la A Soldier’s Load and the Weight of a Nation) I decided to include a rough Encumbrance system.

Why are we having small unit combat as part of the game?

Short answer: It’s World War II… it’s kind of a big part of it.

Long answer: You’re part of the military, in one manner or another, and you’re likely to be used however higher headquarters deems you should be used at the time, not necessarily by your specialty. Some of the Wunderwaffe, Sonderkommando, or SS Ahnenerbe weirdness you may encounter may require you combat it on a small unit scale. Even the Monuments Men participated in direct combat action.

I’m not a Unit Commander or Section Commander, do I just have to sit through the battle?

Nope, while your ability to inflict harm on enemy units and move on a battlefield scale may be reduced you also get to act at a 2:1 scale and many of your Aspects and Stunts will still apply.

I want a medal. How do I get one?

Well then, you’re fighting for the wrong reasons. However, medals may be earned at the end of each mission if your Commander (or more likely, the entire table) feel your character deserves one. This requires a few rolls on the Commander’s part and may still result in a failure.

In addition to medals functioning as a sort of free taggable in social situations involving characters that may recognize the award (and where you are actually wearing it) it also compliments your chances of promotion.

I can get promoted?

Well, you are a member of the armed forces and given you’re in the middle of a massive, global-scale war… it’s likely. Again this is done via rolls on the Commander’s part, but unlike awards, every character has a chance at promotion at the end of each Mission.

Promotions are linked to rank (obviously) and rank is a part of one of your primary Aspects, so promotions are likely to be influential. Especially among your interactions among other military forces, friendly and hostile alike.

Can I get demoted too?

Perhaps, but you’d have to really derail the campaign or piss me off.

I’m the Commander, how do my awards and promotions work?

Well that would be up to the table and/ or just me. I will do the rolling, but whether or not your eligible for an award or not will likely depend on the table. As for promotions… well you’re not going to see the roll at the end of every Mission like everyone else, but you may also simply be granted one based on the direction and requirements of the narrative.

But I’m not British I’m [insert Nationality here]?

Doesn’t matter. While there is a separate track for US awards and ranks; many Poles, Finns, Danes, Free French, etc. served with the British forces throughout the war and held ranks and commissions with the British Army until their nations were liberated (and sometimes after).

I want to be a pilot!

Then be a pilot… doesn’t mean you’re going to get a plane.

Questions and Answers

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