Common Gear (Assumed)

The following are items that do not have to be recorded, and can be assumed to be possessed by one or more characters should the current Mission or terrain have called for it.

Clothing & Uniform Items
Bedroll or Sleeping Bag
Lensatic Compass
Map and Map Case
Entrenching Tool
Field Dressing
Fighting Knife
Mess Kit
Ration Heater
Goggles: when in flight or in desert terrain
Life Jacket: when at sea
Parachute: when in flight or paradropping

Common Gear

Steel Pot Helmet: Armour
Flak Jacket: Armour (restricted access, unlikely to be granted unless flight crew or naval deck crew)
Flight/ Tanker’s Helmet: Protective
Ammo Pouch/ Bandolier: Extra Ammo
Binoculars/ Field Glasses: Telescopic Vision
Gas Mask: Chemical Protective
Metal Detector
Digging Tools
Tool Satchel
Demolition Kit
Backpack Radio
Field Medical Kit

Common Gear (Food)

While hunger is unlikely to be a factor (unless a Mission calls for extended operations outside of logistical range) the presence of rations, and specifically the recording of type and contents, may be used in roleplaying social interactions.

C-Ration: 3 ‘Meat Units’, 3 ‘Bread Units’ Cigarettes, Iodine Tabs, Matches, Toilet Paper, Chewing Gum, and a Can Opener (US Issue)
Emergency Ration Mark I: Chocolate Nut Cake, Pressed Sugar Tabs, Tea, Matches
24-Hour Ration: Tinned Meat, Hard Bread, Chocolate, Hard Candy, Tea, Biscuits, Matches, Latrine Paper, Instant Oatmeal, Meat Broth, Chewing Gum, Sugar Tabs


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