Weird War II: Fate of the European Theatre

Dogs of War AAR

File No. 178349-11J


While on assignment of Dourshire for advanced training with the OSI, No. 1337 Section uncovered what appears to be an attempt by the German SS to begin a paranormal guerilla effort on the British Isles. Although the town affected, Millbrook, was severely decimated in the attempt; intact infrastructure will allow for a resettlement program, perhaps after the end of European hostilities by returning veterans. On whole, the engagement should be considered a success despite the loss of life on home soil.

Mysteries Solved

No. 1337 Section was able to determine the cause of both the loss of communication and the disappearance of local townsfolk. The captured POWs indeed confirmed, and were secondarily identified, that thy were members of the Waffen SS and that the Wehrwolfen program is in full force.

Mysteries Uncovered

Does the Waffen SS, or another German organization, realize how close they came to eliminating OSI Leadership? With the lack of communication between the initial team and German high command will more guerilla Wehrwolfen operations be launched? Haw was the Wehrwolfen able to clear out the town within a single night, mostly undetected?

Operational Successes

With the defeat of the unit it is believed that no, or only a limited, number of, attempts will be made to infiltrate a guerrilla unit onto the Isles, unnatural or otherwise. No. 1337 Section also was able to limit the exposure of the incident with both civil and paramilitary authorities.

Operational Setbacks

Due to the ferocity of the combat engagement in the caverns, very little material intelligence was able to be recovered by No. 1337 Section or the follow-on team limiting the confirmability of information recovered by interrogation.


With limited prep time and even more limited resources No. 1337 Section was able to pull a success out of the proverbial hat. The bodies of the deceased were disposed of by proper OSI procedure and due to the circumstances the field expediency nature may be overlooked. No. 1337 Section should be commended for their adaptability and forethought in this instance and OSI looks forward to like reports regarding them int he future.


While the OSI cannot condone the combat tactics that resulted in the loss of material intelligence, the bravery of the individuals involved cannot be overlooked. In particular the US enlisted member of the team has been recommended for their Bronze Star after reading reports of the combat engagement. OSI sees no reason to attempt to countermand this decoration, but advises the team that the OSI is primarily an information gathering organization, and a combat unit second.



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